Do Solar Panels Work In the UK?

Solar Panels in the UK are more than viable, they are a great idea. the UK’s solar climate is on a par with other European cities such as Amsterdam, Paris and London and comes in at just under three quarters the solar climate of Mediterranean areas.


The Sun Does Shine In the UK

To get a bit more techy, this means that the UK receives about 1100kWh per meter square which works out at 120 litres of oil’s energy every year.

Despite the common misconception, the sun does shine in the UK. We get around 60% of our energy from indirect sunlight and the remaining 40% comes from the suns direct rays. This means that even on cloudy overcast days, your solar panels will still produce energy from the diffused sunlight.


Solar For Home Heating

We all remember the dreaded immersion heater of yore, but a solar array of just six meter’s squared could produce the same amount of energy as a medium sized immersion running for two or three hours every day.

On average, a well-designed solar thermal system can give you 60% of your hot water needs every year. You’ll still need some other hot water system in the depths of winter for a piping hot shower.

Going Solar Solo

Heating your home purely on solar energy isn’t really feasible. This comes down the simple fact that energy is at its cheapest at night-time which is the time we turn on the heating. If your building is super insulated and has a strong building envelope, maybe you could get away with just solar but it would be a risk.

Last Updated on February 6, 2021

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