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“As with many traditionally male-dominated professions, there is still a widely accepted assumption that jobs in construction are simply not meant for females,” said Lyndon Wood, CEO and creator of To be honest, I couldn’t disagree more with this stereotype, and I would actively encourage any young woman interested in a career in the industry to pursue it and change the opinions of those around you by excelling in your chosen trade. Our findings indicate that positive steps are already being taken, and we hope that as more women secure good jobs in the industry, it will become more socially recognised.”

“With widely reported recent findings indicating a shortage of skills needed in the UK construction industry, it surely makes sense for employers and industry leaders to start actively encouraging women to start careers in such trades as plumbing, carpentry, and painting and decorating in order to boost the industry in years to come,” he continued.

“When developers are working on challenging projects, it is exceptionally difficult to organise utilities with all of the individual providers involved,” said Keith Macaulay, managing director at Service Connections. We are able to work with the client to deliver a smoother transition in accordance with the build schedule by taking a proactive, holistic, and experienced approach to the implementation of these services.”

“We are overjoyed to have won our first £1 million contract, which means our revenue will more than double in 2015.” It demonstrates the resilience of the construction industry’s recovery and enables us to invest in new people and technology.

“A solid expansion model has allowed us to bid on and win new work, and we will be hiring new employees in the coming months.” We have expanded our North East office and are looking into potential office space in Yorkshire, which would provide us with a base in an extremely important area for the company.”

Service Connections has also recently begun work on a project for Dransfield Properties, which specialises in town and district centre schemes, in Hull.

“Fox Valley is the most ambitious scheme we have worked on in our 23-year history,” said Managing Director Mark Dransfield. It is a large former industrial site, and ensuring proper utility management at this early stage is critical to the scheme’s success.

Internal Insulation

“We are pleased to be working with Service Connections, which has the necessary expertise to handle a project of this size and complexity.” They don’t just lay pipes and cables in the ground; they pay close attention to detail to ensure potential pitfalls are identified and avoided, making schemes less stressful and avoiding delays.”

This innovative approach has resulted in Service Connections securing new contracts across the country – with the majority in the North of England – and increasing projected turnover from £300,000 to over £2.25 million in a single year.

The company is also working on a number of other high-profile projects in Yorkshire, which has been critical to its growth. In Castleford, Hull, Guisely, Liversedge near Dewsbury, and Pontefract, these include a mix of residential and retail development. Around 790 homes will be connected as a result of these schemes.

Last Updated on December 30, 2021


Author: Indra Gupta

Indra is an in-house writer with a love of Newcastle United and all things sustainable.

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