Construction Work Gets Underway Quixwood Moor Wind Farm

The Quixwood Moor Wind Farm is now in the pre-construction phase, and local contractors have been called in to conduct some of the site investigation work.

Banks Renewables, the Hamilton-based wind energy firm behind the project, committed to using local firms whenever possible during the planning application stage, and that commitment is now being fulfilled, with some of the project’s earliest contracts going to Borders businesses.

Holequest, based in Galashiels, has been hired to provide excavation, site management, and borehole drilling services at the site.

Craig Rodger, the firm’s technical manager, believes Banks Renewables’ commitment to use local Borders firms whenever possible will be extremely beneficial to the local economy.

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“It’s fantastic to see Banks Renewables commit to using local companies wherever possible in the development of its wind farms,” he said.

“Often, developers will use the same contractors regardless of location, and many will simply decide on price, resulting in no economic benefit to the communities hosting the wind farms.”

“This is not happening at Quixwood Moor, and as we subcontract work to other Borders businesses, an even broader range of local businesses will undoubtedly benefit.”

“Investment like this in the region is absolutely essential to the local economy and levels of employment, which has an obvious knock-on effect on the general standard of living in the Borders,” he added.

When fully operational, the 13-turbine wind farm will generate up to 29.9MW of energy per year. During its construction, local businesses will be able to bid on approximately £6.4 million in contracts.

“Banks Renewables is committed to maximising contracting opportunities for local firms and giving priority to placing local businesses on tender lists wherever possible so they can benefit from the construction of our wind farms,” said Miles Crossley, senior business development manager at Banks Renewables.

“It’s fantastic to see a local company like Holequest performing specialised work at the Quixwood Moor site.”

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“This stage of the development is very exciting, and we are pleased to see that the commitment we demonstrated to local businesses during the early stages of planning is now shining through at the pre-construction stage.”

“The input and feedback of local families and businesses was critical during the wind farm’s development phase, so it’s fantastic to see this economic benefit realised at such an early stage.”

“Sites like the Quixwood Moor Wind Farm are critical in assisting Scotland in meeting its 2020 renewable target, as wind energy becomes an integral part of the Scottish economy.”

Banks Renewables is committed to establishing a Quixwood wind Farm Community Fund, which would direct a portion of the wind farm’s revenues toward local community projects and groups assisting in facility improvements and funding key initiatives.

The fund is expected to have at least £2.5 million set aside for local community groups, charities, and voluntary organisations. Most importantly, the fund would be used to target local issues identified by local people, with communities agreeing on where funding should be directed.

Last Updated on December 30, 2021


Author: Indra Gupta

Indra is an in-house writer with a love of Newcastle United and all things sustainable.

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