Where Should I Put My Boiler?

When you buy a boiler, one of the first questions you will ask yourself is: where should I put my boiler?

The answer is simple. You could choose to place it in the same location as earlier or relocate it to a different place.

A boiler is a device that can be tricky to place in the home. Although nowadays boilers are super fancy to look at, people still end to hide them away in a cupboard or a room hidden away from the eye.

Many people decide to relocate the boiler for several reasons. These reasons could be noise, to enhance the interior setting of their home, or for renovation. We have listed some of the places in your home where you could put your boiler and the regulations that come with it. 

Common Places To Have Your Boiler Installed

There are many places that you can have your boiler installed in your home. It may seem vague and impractical, but it is possible. If you are unsure about where to place your boiler, read ahead. 

The following are places in your home where you can install your new boiler. 

Can You Put A Boiler In The Kitchen?

Many people often opt to install their boilers in a cupboard inside their home kitchen. Manufacturers put a lot of thought into making boilers and design them so that the final product is compact.

This enables the boilers to be fit into any cupboard. Combi boilers are special kind of boilers that fit very well in small spaces like cupboards. These boilers are super-compact and don’t need any extra cylinders or tanks. 

One can easily tuck these away. 


There are some specific regulations to be followed if you plan to install your boiler in the kitchen. The boiler needs to be placed where it is easily accessible to service staff for repairs. 

There needs to be a minimum of 50 mm of space between the boiler and the cupboard. There also has to be sufficient space present for the sake of good ventilation. The space that you keep your boiler in also needs to comply with all the fire safety rules in the place you live. 

The instruction guide or manual for the specific boiler will have information that your boiler’s installer will have to follow. 

Can You Put A Boiler In The Loft or Attic?

If you install your boiler in your loft, you will not have to worry about it getting in the way of your living area or living space. This is not the same as other rooms in your home. The place in your loft will be required to be well-lit and be boarded. 

A ladder is required, too, as there needs to be easy access to the boiler. A loft generally is a cold space, and therefore, the boiler needs to have frost protection and insulation for the pipe. 

The wall that the boiler will be fixed on top of needs to take the weight of the boiler. The boiler needs to be placed in an area where there will be enough space around it for any servicing that it may require later. 

If you are elderly, it will be beneficial to have boiler control in a place that is easily accessible for you. Supposing the new boiler runs on a pressurized system, there will be a requirement for a pressure gauge and also a filling point in the loft itself. 


The boiler needs to be kept on a structurally safe wall. There needs to be sufficient lighting and flooring that is suitable. There needs to be a retractable ladder and a guard rail. A carbon monoxide alarm should be fit, preferably. 

There should preferably be an isolation point for gas and electricity present outside of the loft so that there is easy access to it without having to enter the loft. Your boiler needs to have frost protection. 

Can You Put A Boiler In The Bathroom?

It’s pretty common to install a boiler in the bathroom of a home. Having electric appliances in the bathroom is generally not very safe. Many regulations need to be followed to ensure safety. 


The boiler needs to be kept inside an enclosed cupboard to make sure that no water touches it. The electrical spur of the system is required to be kept outside the bathroom. 

Certain areas in the bathroom are best suited for a boiler and certain areas that are not. Make sure you are aware of the present building and wiring regulations before installation. 

Can You Put A Boiler In The Garage?

If you have a garage with your home, it can be a suitable location for a boiler. For one, it will not take up living space. Since a garage can get pretty cold, you need to ensure there is frost protection and insulation of the pipe, even if the boiler has its protection. 

If your garage is detached, you will need to look into the layout of the pipework. 


You need to ensure sufficient space around the boiler to accommodate room for servicing. 

Can You Put A Boiler In The Utility Room?

You can place a boiler in the utility room of your house, too. The regulations, in this case, are the same as those that apply to an attic or loft. 

Can You Put A Boiler In The Bedroom?

If you considered keeping your boiler in the bedroom, you would fall in the minority. This is not very common place to keep a boiler. You can place the boiler in a hidden space like a cupboard. However, the noise from the boiler can disrupt your sleep. 


There needs to be sufficient space around the boiler for ventilation and circulation. The boiler requires a flue, which will get rid of fumes. The boiler needs to be a sealed boiler system. 

Can You Put A Boiler In The Airing Cupboard

To keep a boiler in an airing cupboard is very common if a heat-only system will be interchanged with a combi boiler. However, you need to think about it if your bedroom is closely located due to loud noises. 


The cover of the boiler should be easily openable if required. There needs to be a minimum of 500 mm of space between the boiler and any object. There needs to be fresh air around the boiler at all times. 

The Cost of Moving A Boiler Vs Buying A New One

It is not very easy to relocate your boiler, and it comes at an added cost. You might have to move the pipework. You might need to take up floorboards and the carpet, which might require labor and time. You might have to pay extra for this. 

If the move is very complex, the charge of moving it will also be high. If you want to combine the relocation as well as the installation, it will cost you more. Also, every installer usually charges differently. 

The longer the distance you need to move your boiler, the more it will cost you as more copper pipework is required. It might even need additional extensions or flues, depending on where you are shifting it to.

Holes may need to be drilled and patched for pipework. 

Replacing Your Boiler

Along with the question of where you should put my boiler, the cost might also be on your mind. 

The cost of a boiler can vary depending on its brand, type, and size. 

You need to collect facts and research well before you buy a new boiler. If you are buying an energy-efficient boiler, you will be relieved to know that the costs, including the installation cost, are compensated for. 

You also need to be aware of when it is the right time to invest in a new boiler.

Boilers are usually installed in a room in the house closest to the water they will be heating: the kitchen or bathroom. When you ask yourself, “where should I put my boiler?”, remember that keeping a boiler in the bathroom has many benefits. Also, it keeps your towels warm. 

Combi boilers are usually quieter than other boilers. However, you can always place the boiler in the kitchen if noise is a problem. 

As with any other product, remember to research your choices before you settle on a final purchase.

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Last Updated on May 3, 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Put My Boiler Outside?

It depends on the kind of boiler. Internal boilers should not be placed outside. External oil boilers can be kept outdoors provided there is enough space around them and the pipes are placed under the ground or at least insulated.

Can A Boiler Go Under The Stairs?

Yes, it can. However, make sure that your wall and your neighbours’ are not adjacent. It is recommended to install a boiler on the outside wall.

Can You Put A Combi Boiler In The Bathroom?

Yes, provided the regulations are followed. The gas and electrical safety need to be taken care of. The boiler flue must exit the bathroom safely. There also needs to be enough area around the boiler for easy access.

Can A Boiler Be Fitted On An Internal Wall?

Yes, it can, but it will cost you more.  The internal wall must be strong enough to bear the weight of the boiler you’ve chosen. Otherwise, the wall will need to be strengthened.


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