Skirting Board Heating: The Pros, Cons & Costs

Skirting board heating is causing waves in the world of indoor heating. This is because what was once strictly relegated to the realms of beauty and aesthetics is now seen as a functional element that provide similar levels of heat as traditional radiators.

Gone are the days when skirting boards were used to hide imperfections. These are today being integrated into design elements to perform the much in-demand heating function.

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What Is Skirting Board Heating?

Skirting board heating is exactly as you would expect, these new panels look very similar to traditional skirting boards with one simple difference. They provide heat via hot water just like a radiator or via an electrical element. In may ways, they are similar to under-floor heating as they don’t take up any additional space and do a great job at heating your home.

Skirting Board Heating: Advantages

Despite the inventor being rejected by the entrepreneurial tv show ‘Dragons Den’, there are a range of advantages to skirting board heating that explain its immense popularity in recent years. Some of these include:

Easy to Install

Skirting board heating is easy to install. This means it requires minimum invasion in your daily life and at a much more reasonable cost than underfloor heating or solar thermal.

It is also stylish which means and means that if you don’t like your radiators, you can go ahead and remove them to free up wall space.

Even Heat Distribution

Due to the placement all-around a room, skirting board heaters give a much more even distribution of warmth than traditional wall-mounted radiators.

Floor Space Is Not Encroached Upon

If you are wondering about additional floor requirements for a new heating system, don’t . Skirting board heating does not encroach on your floor area as it is hidden in the skirting boards.

In fact, if you are replacing traditional heating in your home and switching it with skirting board heating, you are likely to free your floor space. Make plans on how to utilise that already!

Saves Energy

Skirting heating boards are compatible with renewable sources of energy. They are also more energy-efficient than traditional heating systems and ensure that heat is evenly distributed throughout the room, helping you save money on huge electricity bills.

Skirting Board Heating Is Hygienic

The simple infrastructure of skirting board heating makes them devoid of crevices and corners that are prone to attracting dust and grime as with the case with traditional heating devices.

This saves you from being exposed to dirt particles that get stuck in heating systems and can harm you in a variety of ways.

Skirting Board Heating: Disadvantages

Though skirting board heating has a number of benefits, you should also consider any potential downsides to the technology before making up your mind.

Skirting board heating may be insufficient to warm a big room due to the low flowing pressure it operates at. This may make radiators a more suited heating method for people with large rooms.

Old properties with poor home insulation and draughts may not be fully compatible with skirting board heating. And these houses should go for radiators.

Therefore, room size and property type should be taken into due consideration before making the final choice.

Top Skirting Heating Board Manufacturers

Whenever you are looking at heating solutions for your home, it is recommended that you go with brands that have stood the test of time and that have a great reputation among their customers.

At a time when the heating systems in homes are standing at the cusp of a change with the chatter around sustainability picking steam, it is also important to look towards brands that are promoting sustainability at their core.

We have seen that it is possible to have a product be great at what it does while being environmentally conscious.

Here are the two best skirting board manufacturers that tick all the right boxes.

What Is Thermaskirt?

Thermaskirt is the leading brand that provides skirting board heating known for its superior efficiency. It is owned by DiscreteHeat. The very successful company produces two major products namely Thermaskirt-e and Thermaskirt h20.

While Thermaskirt-e is an electricity-powered heating system, Thermaskirt h20 is the hot water-powered system.

The best part about this brand is that it has jumped on the renewable-energy bandwagon already and its products are known to be compatible with renewable energy sources such as solar energy, air energy.

Thermaskirt wins big over other brands in its conception and design as well with products designed in a way that they can accommodate loose cables and wires.

What Is Thermodul?

A heating solution based in the UK, Thermodul is known for its highly efficient and eco-friendly skirting board heating. It comes in several forms, namely electrical, water, and dual to heat your home efficiently.

It is available in several colours and is great to look at, which means it would seamlessly blend in the decor of your home without sticking out like a sore thumb.

Skirting Board Heating Costs

Skirting board heating wins over its counterparts such as underfloor heating and traditional heating systems in the price department. It is way cheaper and provides great value for money.

The actual cost depends on a range of factors including, but not limited to, room size, property type, insulation, and the brand but it is way cheaper than under-floor heating.

You should, however, not try to save on the installation costs and get it done by professionals who are adept at this type of work. This will save you from any future problems and accidents.

Besides, skirting board heating is known to lower your electricity bills owing to its efficiency. This makes skirting heat boards an ideal choice for homeowners. It is not only cheaper to buy but also to maintain.

Skirting Board Heating Reviews

If you skim through customer reviews on skirting board heating, you will be pleased to see most customers fully satisfied with their choice.

Once the initial scepticism towards a new technology wears off, customers can be seen happy with their purchase. Who doesn’t like reduced electricity bills after all?

It should also be noted that skirting board heating is appealing to those who love minimal design as it blends seamlessly into the décor.

Several customers have highlighted the newfound space in their home after the installation of skirting board heating.

The eco-friendly customers are also pleased with the purchase as eventually, everyone will have to trade in their old appliances for newer technology that is more environmentally conscious.

Is Skirting Board Heating Right for Your Home?

This is a decision you have to take for yourself. You must take into consideration your lifestyle, your budget, and your expectations of the heating system.

You should also give due consideration to the type of house, where it is situated and how often you need heating.

There is no doubt that there are many benefits of skirting board heating, such as lower energy bills, increased efficiency and additional space. It also is non-invasive and doesn’t demand massive changes to be made to your home.

The benefits outweigh the negatives by a huge margin, but before making the final call you must take into consideration all the logistical concerns.

Last Updated on December 31, 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

Is skirting board heating any good?

Yes, skirting board heating is a very good heating system for small to medium sized rooms and can save you quiet a bit on your yearly hearting bills. 

Is skirting board heating expensive?

Comparatively speaking, it is a very cost effective home heating solution. Particularly when compared to underfloor heating or other green options. But just like all other heating systems, you need a well insulated home to fully benefit.


Author: Indra Gupta

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