Do You Have To Keep Resetting Your Boiler? Here’s Why & How To Fix It

Have you had a new boiler installed recently and are you concerned about the number of times you have to reset it? Modern boilers tend to lockout when they sense input fluctuation, and with every boiler lockout, you need to reset your boiler.

Constantly resetting your heating system is a real nuisance and hiring a qualified engineer every time your boiler shuts off is not feasible. Here we will explain why your boiler could need constant resetting and what you can do to fix that issue.

What Happens When a Boiler is in Lockout?

Before we explain why a new boiler could go into lockout, let us tell you what you can expect to see in when your boiler is facing an error. It is only when you know these signs that you can know when you need to reset your boiler.

  • The first thing to happen is the red or green LEDs or indicators will flash.
  • Your taps will stop getting hot water and the radiators will go cold.
  • You will see a fault code displaying on the boiler’s display panel.

Why Does a Boiler Go into Lockout?

Since you’re reading this article, you must have experienced the dread of having your water heating system suddenly stop. What this means is that you will suddenly stop getting hot water in your taps. A sudden stop in the hot water supply is not something to worry about since it is fairly common. Your new boiler has probably not broken down but has simply gone into lockout.

When a boiler is in a lockout, it is completely functional, but it stops working for safety measures. Boiler lockout is fairly common, and it is simply a result of precautions taken by the manufacturer.

Below are some reasons why a boiler might go into lockout.

  • Water Pressure: A boiler might go into lockout if the water pressure is fluctuating or gets either too low or too high. Low pressure will cause the system to heat too much and high pressure will overwhelm the boiler.
  • Ignition Failure: In the presence of blockages in the burner or insignificant gas pressure, the burner will fail to ignite. Most boilers tend to go into lockout after three failed attempts.
  • Blockage in Heat Exchanger: The heat exchanger can get blocked for reasons such as accumulated sludge or limescale. This will restrict water flow, making the boiler sound like a kettle. To prevent further damage due to blockage in the heat exchanger, your boiler will go into lockout.
  • Faulty Circuit: If a gas or electric boiler system detects some free current flow or some fault in the circuitry, it will go into lockout instead of normal operation.
  • Fan Problems: If a boiler’s fan is not working properly, the boiler can become a hazard since the gases cannot vent through the flue. Therefore, boilers go into lockout in such high and low fan functioning situations.

How to Reset a Boiler?

It is incredibly easy to conduct a boiler reset. Every boiler comes with an instructions guide that will help you through the resetting format. However, if you cannot locate the guide, you can simply press the reset button present on all boilers. You will have to press and hold the reset button for about 10 seconds and wait for the boiler to ignite in a few minutes.

You might have to follow some other steps to reset your boiler from different companies. Given below are some of the most popular boiler companies and how their products can be reset. In case you can find issues following the given step, you should free consultation from a qualified engineer to guide you through the process.

How to Reset a Worcester Boiler

You will see a blue flashing light on the front panel or a fault code display of a Worcester boiler. To reset it, you must turn the left control knob to reset, let it stay there for a few seconds, and then turn it back to the temperature required.

How to Reset a Baxi Boiler

To reset a Baxi boiler simply hold the reset button down for around 3 seconds until the red led light disappears. Older Baxi boilers reaching the end of their life cycle may not have this function.

How to Reset a Vaillant Boiler

You can see that you need to reset your Vaillant boiler when a fault code is displayed on the front panel. Press the button with a cross over a flame icon on it. Hold the button for a couple of seconds and allow the boiler to produce a whirring sound to reset.

How to Reset a Vokera Boiler

You will see a red flashing light at the front of your boiler if it needs resetting. All you have to do to reset your boiler is to move the selector switch at the front to the ‘off/reset’ position, let it stay there, and then move whichever setting you prefer – hot water only / heating and hot wat. The boiler will display a green light when the boiler is successfully reset.

How to Reset a Glow-Worm Boiler

The way to know if your Glow-Work boiler has gone into lockout is through the displayed fault code with red lights. The fault code sequences beginning with ‘F’ will tell you that your boiler needs resetting. You will find the reset button on the front panel. Therefore, all you have to do is press and hold that button for five seconds or for a similar time and let the boiler come back to life.

Why Does My Boiler Require Constant Reset and is Not Turning on After Resetting?

The first step to see whether or not there is some serious fault with your heating system is to reset the boiler. If the boiler has simply gone into lockout, the problem will be solved through resetting. However, sometimes boiler lockout might not be the reason why your boiler has stopped working. The other issues that a boiler might have are:

  • Fault in the pump functioning
  • System leakage
  • Seriously blocked heat exchanger
  • Part replacement
  • Fault in boiler pressure
  • Power / electricity issue
  • Fault in the boiler’s PCB
  • Inadequate heat flow

You should reset your boiler pressure gauge and temperature controls since, more likely than not, that will fix the problem. However, if your boiler and pump are still not turning on, it might just be time to call a qualified engineer to help you fix the persisting problem.

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Last Updated on November 6, 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Resetting Your Boiler Do?

When you reset a boiler, you will bring all the settings into factory reset. Therefore, if there is any fault with the mechanism, the boiler will start working properly again. Resetting your boiler will also allow you to know if there’s an issue with the mechanism or the boiler itself.

Why Does My Boiler Keep Going On and Off?

If you experience your new boiler constantly going on and off by itself, there is a possibility that it is shutting down due to internal safety systems. These safety measures are programmed to kick into action at any sign of danger. It may be annoying to have to keep resetting your boiler, but remember that these safety measures are there to protect you and prolong the life of your boiler.

When Should I Call an Engineer to Check my Boiler?

It is best to call a gas safe registered engineer when you get a display of fault codes too often making you feel the need to reset your boiler too often. If your heating system stops working too often and you’re facing problems resetting it on your own, just make the call. Better safe than sorry.


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