Condemned Boiler? Here’s What To Do

Are you wondering what exactly is a condemned boiler? How do you know if your boiler is in that state and what to do about it? Well, don’t think too much! Keep reading and you’ll find all your answers below!

A boiler that is operating without any safety measures and could prove to be a danger to people around is a condemned boiler. This boiler could be going through ventilation problems. Ventilation problems, in this case, would mean producing fumes of dangerous gas such as carbon monoxide and heating. Carbon monoxide usually comes out when there is a small leak in the appliance, which is difficult to find even by a professional engineer.

This boiler may look like a normal product problem but can soon take a dangerous turn if not addressed on time. There have been many cases where stores sell condemned boilers to customers to increase the new boiler’s cost. Moreover, you might not even get true advice on reasons that could have condemned the boiler due to business reasons.

However, if you think you have a condemned boiler, there are things that you must know to understand the situation better. Read below to know more.

The Types of the condemned boiler and what they mean

When we speak about condemned boilers, there are two categories we usually find in which we can divide them.

Immediately Dangerous (ID)

A boiler that comes under this category is usually declared as an immediate menace to public health and should be avoided at any cost. These boilers, if left to operate, can cause serious damage to people. In these cases, a gas safe registered engineer would disconnect all the wires connecting this boiler with the gas supply to avoid future damage.

A gas safe registered engineer would also advise the user to not switch back on or even use the appliance until you get the old boiler serviced or probably ask you to buy a new boiler. In case you want to switch back the faulty boiler on or buy a new one even after a warning, you will have to report the issue to your Gas Emergency Service Provider (GESP).

In this situation, the agency would have the power to cut down the service with force. They can disconnect your gas supply if you don’t give in.

At Risk ( AR)

A boiler that is unsafe and would have one or two issues could make a living around the boiler dangerous. However, these boilers are not as much danger as the ID category. Even in this case, the engineer would recommend you disconnect the gas supply. He may even recommend you to buy a new one.

This must be noticed that as the boiler has not been proven unsafe or beyond repair at the moment, it is not very dangerous. Moreover, with just one or two faults, it does not meet the government’s set standards.

In case your boiler is not very old and has new features such as energy efficiency and cost-reducing features, the danger would be much less. In this case, it up to you if you want to try the advice of the engineer.

Gas Safe Registered Engineer Visit By Gas Emergency Service

When a house is suspected of suffering from a gas leak, a member of the gas service provider is bound to visit. This can happen not just once, but such a situation can occur multiple times too. However, if you have registered a complaint, engineers are sure to visit your house.

This could be either due to excess heating or even carbon monoxide. If the engineers cannot find out the problem with the boiler, they may just label the boiler as dangerous. They may also ask you not to use it and risk lives. If you have a boiler at home, you have to make sure to get it approved by an ESP before using it.

You can easily find the work contact and quick links of an ESP on page 1 of the gas provider. Page 1 will also have other details about the boiler.

What Are The Next Steps

Find a new boiler

This will work great for you as the next boiler or new combi boiler you buy will be much better in use and would be safe too. The next boiler might also be an advanced version of your last one. However, this time, make sure to buy the best one in your budget so that this problem’s chance comes back reduces. You may also get the last boiler serviced or replace it.

Get a second opinion

Going for a second opinion would increase your chances of knowing more about your boiler. It will also assure you if your boiler is actually bad. You can search for local engineers for a second opinion as local engineers will also charge less.

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Last Updated on May 3, 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it legal to work on your own boiler?

Yes, you have the right to work on your own boiler if you don’t want any external help.

How do I know if my boiler needs replacing?

Getting your boiler checked by professional help will give you some assurance about the boiler.

What happens if a boiler is condemned?

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