Complete Boiler Warranty Guide Including The Myths

The guarantee from the boiler manufacturer is a promise that the boiler will be covered if there is a problem. We have created this guide to eliminate the eight main boiler warranty myths and help you find a new boiler where you are fully covered.

What is a Boiler Warranty?

The boiler warranty is the time after boiler installation that the manufacturer guarantees to send a heating engineer to your property to repair any malfunctions or breakdowns.
Most boilers manufacturers will offer a 1-year warranty as standard, but the total length can vary from 1-10 years.


Myth 1: A New & Modern Boiler Does Not Require a Warranty

New modern condensing boilers are highly reliable, but that does not mean that they should not be covered by a boiler guarantee. In the unlikely event that your boiler breaks down, you can be sure that it is covered.

In many cases, the boiler warranty will mean that the manufacturer must pay for parts and any necessary repairs, provided that the problem is covered under their terms and conditions.

Myth 2: Manufacturers Must Install The Boiler

Looking for a new combi boiler, you will find that if the boiler is installed by its approved installer, then some manufacturers can offer an extended warranty. However, it does not matter, you can still have your boiler installed by a certified engineer.

Myth 3: Manufacturers Must Service The Boiler

Although you do need to get a certified heating engineer to service your boiler once a year, it does not need to be performed by the manufacturer’s staff.

Myth 4: All Boiler Warranties Are Pretty Similar

Many people believe that boiler warranties are pretty much all the same, which can mean that customers do not read the fine print.

But the fact is that the boiler warranty terms can vary considerably between the different manufacturers. Not only in how many years that you’re covered, but also in the level of protection you get.

Myth 5: A Boiler Warranty Can’t Be Voided

No matter how long your new boiler warranty is, it will be voided if you fail to comply with the terms and conditions. That is, the boiler is subject to an annual warranty by a professional heating engineer. Failure to do this will result in a voided warranty, and you’ll be the one paying for any problems.

It’s essential to check the terms and conditions of the boiler warranty so that it does not terminate prematurely.

Myth 6: Home Insurance Covers Boilers

Some homeowners assume that they don’t need to worry about a boiler warranty as they have home insurance. But most insurance companies do not include gas or oil boilers in these policies.

You may be able to add the boiler to a separate policy or include it in “emergency insurance”, but the safest option is the boiler warranty from the manufacturer.

Myth 7: You Can Repair & Maintain A Boiler Yourself

You should not perform repair or an inspection of the boiler yourself, be sure to hire a registered engineer.

Leaving aside the simple fact that few homeowners have the skills or experience to carry out a boiler service and the dangerous nature of the work to an untrained individual, the boiler warranty’s terms and conditions stipulate that the heating engineer needs must be qualified.

Myth 8: The Installer Will Register The Warranty

The installer is not responsible for registering the boiler warranty, this is up to you. Most warranties can be completed online, but this should be done immediately after the boiler is installed as one common warranty stipulation is that it must be registered within 30 days of installation.


What To Look For In Your Boiler Warranty

It could be said that the boiler warranty is at least as important as the boiler itself. Modern combi and system boilers have a life cycle of about 15 years, and it’s best to be fully covered for as long as possible.

Warranty Period

  • Issues covered by the boiler warranty
  • If labour and parts are included
  • Things that will void the warranty
  • Is there an option to extend the warranty

Once you find a boiler with a correct repair, remember to register with the manufacturer after installation. Otherwise, the guarantee of the boiler will not be valid.

Last Updated on November 6, 2021

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Last Updated on November 6, 2021


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