All You Need to Know About Boiler Grants for Landlords in the UK

No matter where you are in the UK, the 2017 energy efficiency scheme of the government gives boiler grants to landlords, their tenants and entire housing associations. If your house qualifies, you will get a free energy-efficient boiler replaced and installed for free from energy suppliers.

You can check if your house qualifies for it by filling out an application form. You will be advised of the grants that are currently available to you and your information will be kept on file so that you keep getting updates on any future grants that you qualify for.

The scheme is a part of the government’s efforts to reduce fuel poverty and it is often referred to as the Affordable Warmth scheme. It is a part of the Home Heating Cost Reduction Obligation or HHCRO.

Which supplier should you contact? Well, that depends on your location and the kind of property they are dealing with. But we’ll tell you this. You don’t have to be an existing customer because this scheme applies to all households in the UK.

A brand new A-rated boiler is great when it comes to saving fuel bills and also reducing carbon emissions. We all have to do our bit, right? And if that doesn’t inspire you, think about this. You can cut down on as much as £300 every year. This is possible because the boiler has an efficiency rating of A and uses less fuel to heat up water.

New Free Boiler Grants for Landlords Whose Tenants Are on Benefits

Now, this government-funded scheme is to help homeowners replace faulty or badly functioning boilers. It is called the ECO scheme because the Energy Companies Obligation covers all the expenses of the work that are required once you meet the criteria. If you are a landlord and your tenant is on some benefits, here’s what it looks like for you.

You can still get boiler grants if, depending on their income, your tenant receives these benefits.

  • Universal credit
  • Child tax credit
  • Working tax credit

Apart from that, there’s also:

  • Pension guarantee credit
  • Income-related ESA
  • Income-based JSA
  • Income support

If you are a landlord, to qualify for the boiler grant, your central heating boiler must be faulty. It must also be installed when you are filling out the application for the scheme. If you are looking for a storage heater grant, you must have at least one of those to your name.

As a landlord, you can also apply for a loft insulation grant or cavity wall insulation. Neither you nor your tenant needs to be on benefits for this but you might have to cough up some cash for this one.

If you have more than one property, you will have to apply for each of them individually and your eligibility will be assessed based on the circumstances of your tenant. What’s in it for you as the landlord? We’ll tell you.

How Can Landlords Benefit From the ECO Scheme?

Part of being a landlord is to make sure all the appliances are functional. With a boiler, you also need to ensure that it is safe. And any repairs related to it like piping, heating and ventilation are your legal responsibility. Thankfully, the ECO scheme makes it easy for you to take care of things.

Once your tenants qualify, you can avail of this scheme and get a brand new boiler that is energy efficient and functions perfectly well. This scheme is meant to help out those in the low-income bracket and are receiving benefits in their attempt to reduce fuel bills. For landlords, this is a great advantage because a Gas Safe engineer will install an A-rated boiler on the property.

This is beneficial in the short term when you will need to replace a current boiler. Since it is completely free, you won’t have to pay for any expenses. You can keep the appliances running smoothly and the incentive for the tenant is that they can reduce energy bills.

In the long run, those savings amount to £100-315. And you will also be able to provide your tenants with functional equipment. So, you might be wondering if you can apply for it without consulting your tenant. We’ll answer that question too.

Can Landlords Apply for the Boiler Grant on Behalf of Tenants?

As a landlord, you can apply for a storage heater grant or a boiler grant but the application will be in the name of the tenant. So, you must make sure that you get their consent before you pass on their personal data to the authorities so that you don’t get into trouble with the Data Protection Acts.

If it is private property, the Affordable Warmth Scheme Landlord Grant is still awarded to the tenant. But as a landlord, if you sport a faulty electric storage heater or a bad central heating boiler, you can register with the Affordable Warmth Scheme. Your tenant will have to meet the qualifying criteria because technically, they are the applicant.

You can apply for it as long as the property is not empty and you have your tenant’s consent. You also need to have a tenancy agreement signed along with the State Benefit award letter that shows that your tenant (with address proof) is receiving benefits.

Now, can they apply for it without asking you?

Can Tenants Apply For a Free Boiler Grant without the Landlord’s Permission?

Whether you rent a property through a housing association or a council, you can apply for the ECO scheme for a free boiler. That is if you qualify by availing yourself of the right set of income-related benefits.

But as a tenant, you can’t make these decisions unilaterally. You need to have written permission from your landlord that you will need to show along with a valid tenancy agreement. So, what else do you need to keep in mind? That’s right. The eligibility criteria.

What Are the Tenant Eligibility Requirements to Get an ECO Boiler?

As mentioned above, the tenant needs to be getting certain income-related benefits to qualify for the ECO boiler scheme. They have been listed earlier in this piece. This greatly depends on the income the tenant receives.

Once you’ve taken care of the tenant’s requirements, it is time to focus on the landlord’s responsibilities.

Landlords Gas Safety Responsibilities for the Free Boiler Grant

Regardless of the scheme, as a landlord, you are responsible for gas safety checks, the gas safety record and the maintenance of the boiler. You need to do an annual safety check which will be done by a Gas Safe engineer under the scheme.

So, that’s a load off your mind. You will be given a CP12 certificate that has all the details of the checks that have been carried out. All of this will be taken care of by the ECO scheme procedure.

You are also required to provide a copy of this record to your tenants less than a month after the gas safety check. If you have a new tenant, you will need to do this when they sign the agreement with you. 

They will also do a safety check once every 12 months and do any servicing that is required to be done. So, you don’t have to worry about that either. But surely, you have some more questions. Let’s take the obvious ones off the plate.

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Last Updated on June 4, 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

Can private tenants get a free boiler?

They can but they have to meet the eligibility criteria and have a written tenancy agreement. They must also get their landlord’s written consent before applying for the grant.

Can landlords get boiler grants?

Landlords can get boiler grants if the property is not empty and the tenant qualifies for the scheme.

Who qualifies for the boiler grant?

Either the landlord or the tenant can apply but the eligibility criteria has to be met by the tenant.


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