Triple Glazed Windows | Costs, Advantages & Disadvantages

Looking for triple glazing costs and estimates? We’ve got you covered. When you are looking to improve the energy rating of your home, there will often be a toss-up between double glazed and triple glazed windows. Which will be a better fit for your home?

Triple glazed windows are comprised of 3 panes of glass with an air or insulating gas, such as argon, in the gap between them. Due to the extra layer, triple glazing improves your building seal and reduces heat loss. Meaning your home stays warmer, for longer, using less fuel. It also has the added benefit of reducing outside noise significantly.

What’s In This Guide?

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Are Triple Glazed Windows Worth It?

‘It depends’ is never an answer people like hearing, but if you already have modern double glazing, the energy savings and increased level of comfort you’ll enjoy, won’t be huge.

But if you are upgrading from single pane windows, older insulated glazing or the sound of a motorway is driving you crazy, definitely consider it. It could make the world of difference.

How Much Does Triple-Glazing Cost?

Since there is an extra pane of glass and extra gas required to install a triple glazed window, the cost is quite naturally more than that of a double or single pane window. And as a rule of thumb, you can expect to pay about a third more for triple glazing.

Property Type# WindowsAvg Cost
Two-bedroom flat4 / 5 windows£1,800
Two bedroom terrace5 / 6 windows£2, 400
Semi-detached house8 / 9 windows£3,800
Detached house10+ windows£5,500 –£7,000
  • A two-bedroom flat will cost roughly £1,800 to replace four windows with triple glazing.
  • Most two-bedroom terraced properties of this size have five windows, each of which will cost about £2,400 to triple-glaze.
  • Semi-detached house — replacing seven windows in a two-bedroom house or nine windows in a three-bedroom house costs £3,400 and £4,400, respectively.
  • Installing twelve triple-glazed windows in a three-bedroom detached house costs roughly £5,000, while replacing fifteen windows costs slightly over £7,000.

We’ve a table of rough estimates below to give you an idea of prices, but the reality is that you’ll need to get quotes from local suppliers as there are a huge range of factors that affect the price.

It’s pretty simple, the more windows you need to replace, the more money you’ll spend. But the average cost per window, on the other hand, decreases. Because of the amount of labor you will bring in, replacing all of your windows at once may qualify you for a significant discount. Keep this in mind when selecting whether or not to upgrade your windows.

The price of a triple glazed windows is not calculated by the size and larger windows will often be better value than several smaller ones. Naturally enough, the more windows you purchase and have installed at once, the more the price will come down too.

How Much Will You Save With Triple Glazed Windows?

While we are collating data on triple glazed windows for the British market, here are the adjusted figures sourced from the UK’s Energy Saving Trust for typical savings.

If you have single-glazed windows or even ancient double-glazed windows, triple-glazed windows can save you a lot of money on your energy expenses. In fact, you may be able to save up to 50% in a year. Take, for instance, a detached home with triple-glazed windows. You may expect to save roughly £175 on your annual heating bills if you upgrade from single to triple glazed windows.

How much money could you save over time if you replaced your single-glazed windows with triple-glazed windows? Let’s look at some examples.

A detached house with triple glazed windows rated A++ , realistically, should save anything from £135 to £175 on energy bills. You can save £130 to £170 if you have an A+ rating. Finally, triple-glazed windows with an A rating can save you between £120 and £160 each year.


A semi-detached house with triple glazing and an A++ energy rating can cost between £85 and £125 less. A+ rating, on the other hand, entails a saving of £85 to £120. A triple glazed window with an A rating, on the other hand, will save you around £80 to £110 in energy costs.


With an A++ certified triple glazed window, you can save £75 to £100 on your mid-terrace dwelling. With an A+ rating, you may expect to earn between £70 and £95. Meanwhile, triple-glazed windows with an A rating will save you between £65 and £90 on your annual energy expenditures.

While these are merely estimates, it’s important to consider all of the elements that will influence the yearly energy savings. Perhaps most notably, your home insulation.


Double Glazed vs Triple Glazed Windows

Triple glazing provides all the benefits and advantages of double glazing and then some with improved heat retention and reduced noise insulation. But is it worth it? That really depends on your budget and your priorities.

Window Surface Temperature

The Testing Institute of Rosenheim carried out a study on the internal surface temperature of different types of glazing in extremely cold weather conditions to see how they performed.

With little difference between modern double and triple pane windows you’ll have to decide if the extra 2°C will be enough to justify the extra spend.

U Value

We use U value to measure how much heat escapes through a window, with a lower number meaning a higher heat retention. Below you can see how triple glazed windows shape up against the competition.

But remember that window u-values will vary between manufacturers due to methods of manufacturing.

The Costs

Whilst it’s a tricky business giving “average prices” for triple glazing, below you can see a rule of thumb guide to pricing. Again, this is just to give you a ball park figure and quotes from local suppliers will be more informative.

Comparisons below use uPVC frames.

Frame MaterialSizeDouble Glazing CostTriple Glazing Cost
White uPVC1000 x 500£272.80£327.36
White uPVC1000 x 1000£310.20£364.76
White uPVC1200 x 1200£354.20£425.04
Wood uPVC1000 x 500£368.28£422.84
Wood uPVC1000 x 1000£418.77£480.81
Wood uPVC1200 x 1200£478.17£549.01

Despite their better insulating qualities of triple glazed windows, you can expect to wait longer before you see an ROI on your investment due to the higher price.

The Advantages

Triple glazed windows, when paired with a well insulated home, provide an increased level of comfort and savings on your energy bill and are often recommended by EPC assessors.

For those living near major roads or under the flight path of planes, triple glazed windows will make a significant difference to the level of peace and quiet you enjoy at home.

Due to the window composition of three panes and 2 layers of trapped insulating gas, the inner pane of glass is able to retain it’s heat stopping the build up of condensation.


Triple glazed windows offer far more strength than double or single pane equivalents and are much more difficult to break. Some companies in Germany and the UK who use tempered glass, give money back guarantees should a burglar break in via one of their windows.

The Disadvantages

Many homeowners will baulk at the extra cost of triple glazed windows and if not paired with a super insulated home, the energy savings won’t make it a worthwhile investment.

There is a train of thought that in our temperate climate, that triple-glazing is a bit overboard and more suited to Canada and the Nordic regions.


As light must pass through more glass in the triple-glazing, there is a slight reduction in how bright your rooms will be.

Triple Glazing Companies in the UK

Whilst double glazed windows have become very popular in recent years and the number of British companies producing and fitting triple glazing is still limited, if you do decide to invest in triple glazed windows, you won’t regret it.

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Last Updated on November 6, 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of triple glazed windows and doors?

Instead of two glass panels, triple glazed windows have three. These glass panels have two argon-filled holes that provide excellent insulation. Triple-glazed windows come in a variety of shapes and colors to match your decor.

Is triple glazing effective at reducing condensation?

You’ll be able to considerably lower the chance of window condensation with triple glazing. Because triple-glazed windows include an extra pane of glass, they provide more insulation and thereby prevent moisture from building up around the window.

Are triple glazed windows better than double glazed windows?

In most cases, double glazing will suffice as a replacement for single-glazed windows. Energy efficiency, noise reduction, and security are all advantages of double glazing. If you live near a busy road or a flight path, triple glazing may be worth considering for the additional noise reduction it can provide.

Is it true that triple-glazed windows are soundproof?

Triple glazed windows, like double-glazed windows, are meant to provide great sound insulation and heat reduction. The third layer of glass adds an additional insulating layer that greatly reduces noise.

How much does triple glazing cost per square metre on average?

The price will be determined by the size of the window. As a result, several suppliers provide a pricing per square metre for triple glazing. The average cost per m2 in the United Kingdom is between £400 and £500.

How much does triple glazing per window cost on average?

The average cost of a triple glazed window is £485. A window with double glazing, on the other hand, costs roughly £350.

Is triple glazing effective at keeping heat out?

In the summer, triple glazing prevents heat from entering your home through the windows, as well as locking in heat. The G-Value of a window, which quantifies the amount of solar intake allowed by the glass, is lower in triple glazed windows. The lower the number, the better the glazing is at controlling the inside temperature.

This is great for conservatories that overheat in the summer due to the ‘greenhouse effect,’ as described by experts in the area.


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