Victoria Station Track Structural Protection

Water ingress can be a significant risk factor for underground cable installations, but innovative DOYMA technology from Germany can help to mitigate this risk.

The electrical installation at Victoria Underground Station, where Transport for London is investing heavily in a major upgrade programme, includes connecting a new build ‘North Ticket Hall’ to the existing South Ticket Hall, and Mott MacDonald has designed the power and communications cables installation to follow a route outside of the building under the adjacent road.

“In order to route the services outside of the building, bus lanes had to be closed and street furniture had to be removed,” said Palan Senthoor of Mott MacDonald. The tarmac was then removed so that the installation team could access and reroute the existing services.”

“Interflow UK were able to work with us on the design and specification of the DOYMA plates so that we could be confident that the product supplied would meet the project requirements,” Palan Senthoor added. The company not only supplied the plates on time, but also expertly installed them, resulting in a quick solution and complete peace of mind.”

The existing tanking on the South Ticket Hall wall was stripped back before the DOYMA plate was installed, and the required penetrations in the wall were created to allow the service ducts through. The DOYMA plate has sockets that allow the service ducts to be connected directly to the plate; once this connection is made, the service penetration is completely water tight. The installation was then completed with new tanking overlapping the existing tanking and the DOYMA manifold plate as an additional failsafe.

The installation process for the new North Ticket Hall wall was identical. Following the successful completion of both connections, the power and data cables that will connect the two ticket halls could be installed. This entailed laying 11 x 11 metre DOYMA KSS cable ducts between the two manifold plates, which were chosen for their flexibility and crush resistance.

The service connection between the new-build North Ticket Hall and the existing South Ticket Hall is now complete, and thanks to excess capacity in the service manifolds, the installation is not only long-lasting but also future-proof. However, this is only the beginning of a much longer journey for Victoria Underground station, with work on the South Ticket Hall set to begin later this year and the entire project not expected to be completed until 2018.

Last Updated on December 30, 2021


Author: Indra Gupta

Indra is an in-house writer with a love of Newcastle United and all things sustainable.

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