Mabey Hire Launches Q Kap And Trench Sheet Extractor

Mabey Hire has collaborated with two of its customers to launch two new products that improve site health and safety, project productivity, and man hours.

Q-Kap, which has already been nominated for an award, was created and introduced to the construction market in collaboration with Kitchin Plant Hire. Mabey Hire developed the second product, the Trench Sheet Extractor with safety chain, after consulting with Black & Veatch.

Q-Kap is a universal trench sheet driving tool that attaches directly to an excavator’s quick hitch. Trials of the product, designed by Kitchin Plant Hire owner/operator Ollie Kitchin, were completed by civil engineering firm JN Bentley during a project at Yorkshire Water sites. The JN Bentley team nominated Q-Kap for a Yorkshire Water TAP safety award as a result of the trials.

Working at height is no longer required to position a traditional drive cap thanks to the new innovation. It also saves time when moving a drive cap from sheet to sheet. Furthermore, Q-Kap can easily move up and down a line of sheets and cover two sheets at once to align the tops and simplify edge protection installation.

“The issues of health and safety onsite are rightly becoming more of a focus in the construction industry,” said Ollie Kitchin. From my own experiences, I identified a solution to a critical issue and knew I wanted to collaborate with the Mabey Hire team to bring this and its associated benefits to the industry.

“Q-Kap has clearly demonstrated that it is a product that addresses today’s construction industry needs.” It provides significant advantages in terms of employee health and safety as well as productivity. With an award nomination already under its belt from the trials, I anticipate more accolades in the near future.”

A unique innovation is the seven-tonne Trench Sheet Extractor with safety chain. The extractor is equipped with a secondary safety device that is independent of the main attachment point, ensuring that the risks associated with incorrect attachment or wing screw damage do not result in the trench sheet becoming detached from the extractor.

“The needs of our customers, health and safety, and employee productivity are all critical to Mabey Hire,” said Mark Rooney, managing director. Working with our customers and constantly learning from on-site equipment use allows us to be innovative, respond to demands, and bring new valuable products to market.

“The introduction of these two new products will be accompanied by open days for health and safety representatives, during which we will be able to demonstrate the benefits their teams will reap by utilising these new additions to our fleet.”

Mabey Hire, a specialist manufacturer, supplier, and contractor of modular and proprietary temporary works equipment for ground support, refurbishment, bridging, and access systems, has increased its turnover from £28.6 million to £34.8 million in the last year.

The 150-year-old family-owned business has added 66 employees in the last year and now employs nearly 400 people across the UK at its 18 depots.

Last Updated on December 30, 2021


Author: Indra Gupta

Indra is an in-house writer with a love of Newcastle United and all things sustainable.

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