Apprentices Are Our Future

Mussa Mahomed, the CEO of Nylacast, tells us why he believes apprentices are the future for National Apprentice Week.

Are apprenticeships necessary? Are they beneficial to both businesses and young people? These are questions that have been debated for years in business and government, and the answer is a resounding yes. I wholeheartedly concur.

Too many young people lack the necessary skills that would allow them to find work. This is an issue that apprenticeships address to the best of their abilities, training young people on the job while teaching them the skills they need to succeed not only in this line of work, but in life in general.

If Labour is re-elected in May, they have promised that an apprenticeship will be available to every school leaver who achieves the required grades by 2020. The fact that this has become a major election pledge demonstrates how important Ed Milliband believes apprenticeships are. Other parties have also expressed their support for the idea.

Apprenticeships, in my opinion, are worthy of support from the highest levels of government all the way down to the shop floor. A university degree is held in high regard as a means of advancing one’s education and ‘bettering oneself.’ While this path works for many young people, it is costly and, in many cases, the incorrect approach for some.

The unemployment rate in Leicester alone was 6.4 percent last year, so we are proud to be providing work for locals by giving young people the opportunity to shine through our apprenticeship programme. I believe that more businesses should join those of us who offer such opportunities. Local recruitment is critical, and it’s fantastic that as a company, we can give back to Leicester by investing in the next generation of talent.

If you are a visual learner, someone who learns by doing, then an apprenticeship is most likely the best option for you. You not only learn on the job from people who are still doing it, but you also get paid for it.

We have a strong apprenticeship programme at Nylacast, and we take pride in seeing our apprentices grow into fully qualified engineers, and then train apprentices of their own.

Apprenticeships make sense for both businesses and young people, in our opinion. Our five-year-old programme is a critical component of our expansion plans.

There is a global shortage of engineering skills, and we are pleased to be able to help fill that void and show other young people that there are exciting engineering career paths out there that they may not have considered.

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Last Updated on December 29, 2021


Author: Indra Gupta

Indra is an in-house writer with a love of Newcastle United and all things sustainable.

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