What Does an Oil Boiler Service Involve?

An oil boiler service is critical once a year to ensure your home’s safety, to keep it running efficiently and extend its longevity.

Some people fail to realise that an annual oil boiler service is not an expenditure but an investment. An efficiently working oil boiler will save you money year on year and make sure it doesn’t need replacing before you are ready to upgrade.

Servicing your oil boiler is also essential for safety reasons. Should any small issues crop up in the yearly inspection, they can be swiftly dealt with before becoming dangerous.


Why Should I Get My Oil Boiler Serviced?

Your oil boiler is one of things that you’ll really miss, should you find your self without. In the depths of winter you’ll need to find an alternative way to heat your home and in the summer where will the hot water for shower come from?

There are many reasons to make sure you get you oil boiler serviced annually. Here are the more important ones;

Oil Service For Safety 

If there is an issue with the oil burner, it may be leaking carbon monoxide which is a colourless, odourless gas that is very difficult to detect. Carbon monoxide can lead to poisoning and even death.

A carbon monoxide detector should be kept close to the boiler to warn of any dangers.

Boiler Servicing To Keep Heating Bills Low

The older a boiler gets, the less efficiently it operates which in turn costs you more money on your home heating energy bills. By getting a regular oil boiler service, you are making sure that the boiler is always operating at optimal level.

Oil Boiler Repairs & Boiler Warranty

Boilers come with a warranty on parts and labour but there is some fine print. You must have your oil boiler serviced by a registered, qualified professional each year. Failing to do this will result in you being responsible for the full costs should you boiler need repair.

When Should I Service My Oil Boiler?

OFTEC recommend that you have your oil boiler serviced every year. The best time of year is between March and September as these are the quieter times for heating companies and you’ll be able schedule a time that suits you best.

Oil boilers often break down or face issues when they are turned on after a long period of inactivity such as after summer holidays. So bear this in mind when choosing a date.


Oil Boiler Service, What Is Involved?

Oil boilers must be serviced annually by an OFTEC registered heating engineer who will work his way through a number of steps.

  • The controls are working correctly
  • Removal of the outer casing and inspection of the main components
  • Testing for carbon monoxide leaks
  • Review of the storage tank and pipework
  • A check of the oil in the tank to make sure there is no contamination.

Once the oil boiler checklist has been carried out and everything looks satisfactory to the heating engineer, you’ll be provided with a complete report and a clean bill of health for your oil boiler.

The complete process should take approximately an hour if the heating engineer doesn’t need to replace any parts or carryout significant work.

How Much Will an Oil Boiler Service Cost?

An oil boiler service will cost you a one time fee of £129 but we also supply carbon monoxide alarms that we highly recommend you install near your boiler.

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