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Glow-worm, a UK-based company with over 80 years of boiler production and manufacturing experience, is now one of the leading heating manufacturers in the UK. Glow-Worm focuses entirely on offering their customers reliable and highly efficient products. 

The Energy Combi from Glow-worm is precisely this; reliable and highly efficient. It is a powerful little combi boiler suited for small to medium homes with limited storage space. Glow-worm has added a few nice touches with the Energy Combi; read ahead to find out about the revolutionary features of this brilliant combi boiler.

How Much Does The Energy Combi Cost?

The Energy Combi comes at a reasonable price considering the excellent features included in this model. Depending on where you source your boiler, and what kW outage your home needs, this boiler will cost anywhere between £725 to £940 including VAT. 

This price does not include the costs of installation. As this boiler is designed for easy installation, these costs should stay relatively low. However, it is important to be aware that installation costs can sometimes equal the cost of the boiler itself. 

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Is This Boiler Suitable for My Home?

Being a combi boiler, the Energy Combi does not need a hot water storage tank; great news for homes with limited storage space. The boiler itself is also very compact and so can be installed in tight spaces such as a kitchen cupboard. 

The Energy Combi is suitable for a wide range of homes as it comes in three different power outages; 25kW, 30kW and 35kW. The 25kW would be suited to smaller homes, while the 35kW would be suited for larger homes with higher hot water demands. 

Always consult with a heating engineer before making any investments to ensure you choose a suitable boiler for your home. 

Replace Your Existing Boiler With Glow-worm’s Energy Combi

The Energy Combi has been designed for easy installation for your engineer. The boiler is nice and compact and relatively light, meaning your installer should be able to shift it into place with minimal effort. 

The boiler can be wall-mounted and comes with a rear and top flue option, which adds to where it can be installed in the home. Replacing your old boiler with the Energy Combi should be a straightforward job for your engineer, which will save you time and money on installation costs.

Boiler Energy Efficiency

The Energy Combi from Glow-worm is a highly energy-efficient boiler, making it ideal for homeowners who want to reduce their carbon emissions. The boiler has an ErP A-Rating for energy efficiency and boats a PCDB seasonal efficiency of 89.2%.

One of the best features of the Energy Combi is its highly efficient, modulating Grundfos pump. This can lower your heating costs as it automatically adapts to the actual hot water and heating demands of your home.

This combi boiler can also be combined with a range of accessories which can help to increase the efficiency of the boiler. Having a highly efficient boiler is a great step to take to reduce your home’s carbon footprint, and there’s another reward for minimising energy wastage – a huge reduction in your gas bill! 

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Energy Combi Controls & Features

The Energy Combi is very uncomplicated to use. It consists of a bright LCD interface where you can view the temperature and settings easily, even in dim lighting.

There are endless accessories that can be added to the boiler to enhance the user experience; smart thermostats, timers, outdoor weather probes and lots more. These accessories can even help to increase the efficiency of the boiler. 

How Long Is The Warranty On This Boiler?

Glow-worm offers a generous 7-year parts and labour warranty on the Energy Combi, with an option to extend this if it is installed by a Glow-worm Club Energy installer. This automatically adds a nice layer of security to this investment for the homeowner. ‘Parts and labour’ means that the warranty covers the equipment’s costs and the engineer’s labour costs of any repairs that may need to be made to the boiler. 

As with all warranties, there are terms and conditions which need to be followed to ensure the warranty remains valid. These terms and conditions include; the boiler needs to be installed by a Gas Safe registered engineer within 6 months of the boilers dispatch from Glow-worms warehouse.

Make sure to read these terms and conditions so you can enjoy the full benefits of this warranty. 

Energy Combi By Size & Price

The Energy Combi is an amazingly compact little boiler, which can fit in an average-sized kitchen cupboard. Its dimensions are; 700 mm (H) x 390 mm (W) x 280 mm (D). This, along with the fact that it is a combi boiler, makes the Energy Combi a brilliant boiler for homes with little to no extra storage space. 

Features & Benefits

The Energy Combi is a prime UK built product from Glow-worm. It is powerful and highly efficient and has some excellent bonus features, read ahead for a quick look at the best features of the Energy Combi; 

Aluminium Heat Exchanger Makes the boiler last longer and reduces energy bills. 
‘Quiet Mark’ Approved (excluding 35kW version) Minimal noise disturbance in the home. 
Grundfos PumpMinimises energy waste and reduces gas bills. 
Compact sizeFits in a kitchen cupboard. 

These features are all nice bonuses to the Energy Combi. The boiler has clearly been made to last, with its main components made with premium materials, such as the aluminium heat exchanger. 

This boiler’s size and almost silent operation make it a brilliant boiler option for smaller homes where the boiler is likely to be in a living area. The ‘Quiet Mark’ guarantees that the boiler will not create noise disturbance in the home. 

Smart Heating Controls

Boilers may not be the first thing to spring to mind when thinking about smart technology. However, significant developments in technology have led to the widespread use of smart heating controls across home heating systems. 

Smart heating controls allow the homeowner to control their home heating system from their smartphone. This adds peace of mind that even if a boiler is left on accidentally, this can be easily adjusted from wherever, whenever. 

Glow-worm has its own smart heating app called MiGO, which is compatible with all of its boilers. MiGO uses eBUS technology to learn what the heating requirements are of individual homes. This can help to increase comfort levels in the home and reduce gas bills. 

Does The Work With Google Nest?

Yes, the Energy Combi can be used with Nest, the smart thermostat from Google. Nest can optimise the boiler’s performance using smart heating technologies.

Does The Energy Combi Work With Hive?

Yes, the Energy Combi can work with Hive the smart thermostat, giving the homeowner more freedom to monitoring their home heating system. 

Does The Energy Combi Work With Tado?

Yes, Tado, the smart thermostat can be combined with the Energy Combi to increase the efficiency of the boiler and reduce gas bills.

Is the Energy Combi Any Good?

The Energy Combi is a brilliant offering from Glow-worm, it is a highly efficient boiler suited for a large variety of homes. The boiler is powerful, yet quiet and compact, making it a discreet and unobtrusive home heating choice. 

Pros and Cons

Before deciding whether or not the Energy Combi is the right boiler for your home, read ahead for a quick look at the pros and cons of this combi boiler. 


The pros of the Energy Combi

  • Aluminium heat exchanger; ensures the longevity of the boiler and reduces gas bills. 
  • ‘Quiet Mark Approved; minimal noise disturbance. 
  • 89.2% energy efficiency rating; cut down on carbon emissions while reducing your gas bill. 
  • Grundfos pump; avoid unnecessary energy wastage. 


Despite these brilliant pros of the Energy Combi, it is important to have a look at its cons;

  • The user controls are pretty basic unless accessories are added. 

Is Boiler Finance Available?

Yes, this boiler can be easily purchased on boiler finance, and the interest rates are really low.

Do I Need Boiler Cover?

The short answer is yes. Boiler cover may seem like an unnecessary cost, but should the need arise and you have to get a replacement gas boiler, it can save you a lot of money on boiler replacement costs.

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