Glow-Worm Easicom3 Regular

Glow-worm, a UK based brand you can trust, is dedicated to providing its customers with reliable and highly efficient products. With over 80 years of experience in the boiler manufacturing industry, Glow-worm is one of the UK’s top boiler brands. 

The Easicom3 from Glow-worm is a powerful little heat-only boiler suited to small to medium homes with high hot water demands. This heat-only boiler has been designed with quality in mind, and it is compatible with multiple accessories, which can enhance the boiler’s efficiency. If you are considering the Easicom3 as your next heat-only boiler, read ahead for all the information and tips you will need!

How Much Does The Easicom3 Regular Cost?

The Easicom3 Regular boiler is an excellent option for those on a budget yet looking for a quality, long-lasting boiler. This heat-only boiler will cost in and around £560, one of the cheaper heat-only boilers on the market today. 

This price includes VAT, yet excludes installation costs. Installation costs are usually a significant additional cost, sometimes costing more than the boiler itself, so this is not to be overlooked.

Is This Boiler Suitable for My Home?

The Easicom3 is a heat-only boiler, otherwise known as a regular, traditional or open-vent boiler. This means it requires both a hot-water storage tank and cold water storage tanks to operate. These water tanks allow the boiler to provide a constant supply of hot water, making it a suitable choice for homes with high hot water demands. 

The boiler comes in one kW output; 25kW, making the boiler generally suited to small to medium homes. It is impossible to tell if this boiler is suited to your home before getting your home checked out by a heating engineer. They will monitor your homes heating and hot water needs and recommend the right boiler for your home. 

Replace Your Existing Boiler With Glow-worm’s Easicom3 Regular Boiler

For homes with a heat-only boiler system already in place, installing the Easicom3 Regular boiler should be a simple and straightforward job. Your installer will easily be able to lift the boiler into place thanks to its exceptionally light weight; 22kg, and its small compact size. 

The boiler comes with a wide range of accessories, such as a spacing frame and pipe cover plate, which will make boiler replacement with the Easicom3 Regular even easier for your installer.

If you have a different boiler system in place, Glow-worm has something for every home with a vast range of system or combi boilers to choose from. 

Boiler Energy Efficiency

The Easicom3 Regular Boiler is a highly efficient model, boasting a 94% ErP heating efficiency, making it an A-Rated product. This high-efficiency rating makes the Easicom3  Regular boiler a brilliant option for homeowners trying to make their homes more environmentally friendly, as it will dramatically reduce your home’s carbon emissions. 

Replacing an old boiler with a newer, highly efficient model like the Easicom3 is one of the best things you can do to reduce your carbon footprint. Even better, a highly efficient boiler will shrink your gas bill too! 

Easicom3Regular Boiler Controls & Features

The Easicom3 Regular is very straightforward to programme thanks to its bright LCD display and easy-to-use interface. It comes with all the boiler controls you may expect, such as the on/off button, a reset button and temperature control switches. 

The Easicom3 Regular is also compatible with a huge range of smart accessories which can transform your home heating system. Glow-worm has a vast range of optional controls, such as the Climapro2 RF control and the MiGo personal heating assistant. 

These smart heating controls allow greater control over your home heating system. They can even help create an optimised heating programme for your home, increasing your boilers’ efficiency and reducing your gas bill. 

How Long Is The Warranty On This Boiler?

The Easicom3 Regular comes with a three-year parts and labour warranty, with an option to extend if the boiler is installed by a Club Energy registered installer. A parts-and-labour warranty will cover the cost of any ‘parts’ that need to be replaced and the ‘labour’ costs of hiring an engineer to make repairs. 

Make sure to read up on the terms and conditions so that you can avail of the full benefits of the warranty. The warranty will need to be registered by a Gas Safe registered installer – or a Club Energy registered installer if you want to extend the warranty. The boiler will also need to be serviced annually to maintain the warranty. 

Easicom3 Regular Boiler By Size & Price

The Easicom3 Regular is an exceptionally small boiler; its dimensions are; 600 mm (H) x 375 mm (W) x 280 mm (D). This means that the boiler can easily fit in a kitchen cupboard or wherever else you may find the storage space. This makes it an excellent option for homes with limited storage space; however, it does require hot and cold water storage tanks. 

Features & Benefits

The Easicom3 Regular is a powerful boiler with the ability to supply constant hot water. It is a top-boiler choice for homes suited to a heat-only boiler system. Here are some of the features which make the Easicom3 Regular a top-of-the-range heat-only boiler;

Aluminium Heat Exchanger Excellent performance levels.
Compact size Fits in a kitchen cupboard. 
ErP Decibel Rating 52Operates extremely quietly. 
ErP A-Rated for Efficiency Reduce carbon emissions and your gas bill. 

These features are what make the Easicom3 Regular so great. The automotive-grade aluminium heat exchanger optimises the boiler’s performance while the boiler’s longevity is ensured thanks to its high-quality materials. 

The boiler is ultra-quiet in operation; this, combined with its compact size, means that it will be unobtrusive wherever it is installed in the home. The boiler’s high-efficiency rating will benefit you for years to come, saving money on your gas bill and reducing energy wastage. 

Smart Heating Controls

These days, most modern boilers come with smart heating controls. These smart heating controls can help the homeowner cut down on gas bills and reduce carbon emissions. 

Smart heating controls help by allowing the homeowner to control their home heating system from their smartphone. They can also adapt the boiler to match your homes needs, even taking the weather in to account to optimise boiler usage.

Glow-worm has a range of smart heating controls, including the MiGo personal heating assistant. MiGo automatically learns your energy needs and allows for remote heating and hot water control. 

Does The Easicom3 Regular Work With Google Nest?

Yes, the Easicom3 can be used with the smart thermostat Nest. Nest can help to plan a heating programme optimised for your home, helping to reduce carbon emissions. 

Does The Easicom3 Regular Work With Hive?

Yes, the Easicom3 Regular can be combined with Hive Home. This can optimise your boiler’s efficiency by creating a heating programme specifically for your home. 

Does The Easicom3 Regular Work With Tado?

Yes, Tado smart heating controls can be used with the Easicom3 to optimise your boiler’s performance and give you control over your home heating system on the go. 

Is the Easicom3 Regular Any Good?

The Easicom3 Regular is a powerful heat-only boiler, which can quickly provide sufficient hot water for small to medium homes. Compatible with a wide range of accessories and small enough to fit in your kitchen cupboard, the Easicom3 Regular is hard to fault. 

Pros and Cons

Before deciding whether the Easicom3 Regular should be your next boiler, have a quick look at the pros and cons below. 


The pros of the Easicom3 Regular boiler; 

  • Aluminium Heat Exchanger; optimises boiler’s performance. 
  • Compact size and low noise levels; discreet in the home. 
  • Compatible with a wide range of smart heating accessories; control your boiler on the go. 
  • LCD Display and easy-to-use interface; extremely user-friendly. 


The cons of the Easicom3 Regular boiler; 

  • Requires a hot water cylinder and cold water storage tanks. 
  • 3-year warranty (unless installed by a Club Energy installer); this is a pretty short warranty.  

Is Boiler Finance Available?

Yes, the Easicom3 Regular can be easily bought on boiler finance. Interest rates for buying this boiler on finance are also very low. 

Do I Need Boiler Cover?

Yes, even though it is unlikely that you will ever need it, boiler cover should definitely be purchased. In the case of extraordinary circumstances, boiler cover can save you a lot of money on boiler replacement costs.

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