Glow-Worm Easicom3 Combi

Glow-worm, heating homes in the UK for over 80 years, is now a part of Vaillant, one of Europe’s top boiler groups. With the ambition of supplying reliable and highly efficient products, Glow-worm is a UK brand you can trust. 

The Easicom3 Combi highlights Glow-worms ambitions; it is a reliable and highly efficient boiler. With a stylish and compact design, the Easicom3 is a perfect boiler for smaller modern homes. This combi boiler is packed with some great features and compatible with a huge range of accessories, increasing the boiler’s functionality and efficiency. For homeowners looking for a highly efficient, compact, and reliable combi boiler for smaller homes, the Easicom3 is a brilliant option. Read ahead for all the information you will need to decide if the Easicom3 Combi is suitable for your home.

How Much Does The Easicom3 Combi Cost?

The Easicom3 Combi comes in two different power outputs. The boiler’s price will depend on which kW your home needs and simply where you source your boiler from. This combi boiler will cost anywhere between £620 to £665, including VAT. 

This makes the Easicom3 Combi an excellent option for homeowners on a budget. However, this price does not include the installation costs. Installation costs are usually pretty expensive, sometimes costing up to the price of the boiler itself. Bear this in mind when comparing boiler quotes and making your budget. 

Glow-Worm Easicom3 Combi

Is This Boiler Suitable for My Home?

The Easicom3 Combi is a combi boiler, meaning it heats water directly from the mains, so it does not need extra water storage tanks. Combi boilers are generally suited to smaller homes due to the little space they take up and because they usually struggle with high hot water demands. 

You will need to consult a heating engineer in order to decipher what kind of boiler and what kW your home needs. They will be able to advise you based on your homes heating and hot water habits. 

The Easicom3 Combi is suited to small to medium homes. It is a brilliant little boiler for homes with limited storage space as it can be wall-mounted, and it will fit in a kitchen cupboard, saving you valuable floor space. 

Replace Your Existing Boiler With Glow-worm’s Easicom3 Combi

Regardless of the heating system you already have in your home; the Easicom3 Combi should be straightforward to install. It is a lightweight boiler, thanks to its aluminium heat exchanger, and it is small and compact. These factors make for a simple installation for your engineer. 

The Easicom3 Combi can be wall-mounted and comes with a range of flue lengths which increase the options of where it can be stored in the home. This quick and easy boiler replacement process will save you time, money and stress on installation. 

Boiler Energy Efficiency

The Easicom3 Combi has been designed to be highly efficient. With an ErP A-Rating for heating efficiency and a PCDB seasonal efficiency of 89.6%, you can be sure that the Easicom3 Combi is a highly efficient model. 

A high-efficiency boiler like the Easicom3 Combi will benefit you for years after purchasing, not only by shrinking your gas bill but it will also reduce your carbon emissions. When making a long term investment like a new boiler, it is essential to consider its impact on the environment. With the Easicom3 Combi, you are doing your bit by making your home that little bit greener. 

Glow Worm

Easicom3 Combi Controls & Features

The Easicom3 Combi is very uncomplicated to use, with a bright LCD display that can be easily read in dim lighting. It has all the usual boiler controls, such as a reset button, on and off switches and temperature switches. 

This combi boiler has a great addition; a built-in analogue clock. This feature can help to run your boiler on your home’s unique heating timetable. The Easicom3 Combi is also compatible with Glow-worm’s huge range of accessories. These include; the MiGo personal heating assistant, and the Climastat. 

How Long Is The Warranty On This Boiler?

The Easicom3 Combi comes with a free three-year parts and labour warranty, with an option to extend this if the boiler is installed by a Club Energy registered installer. This adds a layer of security when making this purchase as you are assured the price of the parts and labour required to repair your boiler will be covered for the foreseeable future. 

It is essential to read the terms and conditions to ensure you avail of the full benefits of the warranty. There are some things you need to complete in order for the warranty to remain valid, for example; the boiler needs to be serviced annually, and the warranty needs to be registered with Glow-worm within 30 days of installation. 

Easicom3 Combi By Size & Price

The Easicom3 Combi is a compact, reliable, energy-efficient, and most importantly, affordable boiler. The boilers small pricetag matches its small size; its dimensions are; 740 mm (H) x 418 mm (W) x 300 mm (D). This compact size allows the boiler to be stored in handy storage spaces like a kitchen cupboard. 

Features & Benefits

There are many factors that make the Easicom3 Combi a brilliant investment for a wide variety of homeowners. It is its outstanding features, however, which are the most appealing. Let’s have a quick look at the main features of the Easicom3 Combi; 

Aluminium Heat Exchanger Enhances boiler performance and prolongs boiler life. 
Inbuilt Analogue Clock Easily operate a custom heating timetable.
A-Rated for EfficiencyShrink your gas bill while reducing your carbon emissions. 
Compatible with a wide range of accessoriesEnhance the functionality and efficiency of the boiler. 

These features add to an already brilliant combi boiler. The aluminium heat exchanger boosts the boiler’s performance, ensuring reliability while guaranteeing the boiler’s longevity. The inbuilt analogue clock is excellent for those who don’t have an interest in smart heating controls. 

For those interested in smart heating controls, the wide range of accessories compatible with the Easicom3 Combi can aid in optimising your boiler’s performance. 

Smart Heating Controls

Smart heating controls are one of the most beneficial inventions that have been made in the home heating industry. You can now connect your boiler to your smartphone through a smart thermostat, allowing complete control over your boiler on the go. This completely removes any stress or worry that may have previously existed around boiler use. 

Smart heating controls can even help to optimise your boiler use by adapting your boiler to your home’s unique energy needs. This will increase your boiler’s efficiency, great news for your wallet, and the environment!

MiGo is Glow-worm’s own smart heating app. It can be used with the Easicom3 Combi in order to maximise the boiler’s efficiency while giving the homeowner complete boiler control on the go. 

Does The Easicom3 Combi Work With Google Nest?

Yes, the Easicom3 Combi works with Google’s smart thermostat Nest to help the homeowner to optimise their boiler use. 

Does The Easicom3 Combi Work With Hive?

Yes, Hive Home can give the homeowner great freedom by allowing them to control their home heating system on the go. This smart thermostat can also enhance the efficiency of the Easicom3 Combi. 

Does The Easicom3 Combi Work With Tado?

Yes, the Easicom3 Combi can be combined with Tado smart heating controls. Tado allows the homeowner to control their boiler from their smartphone while also managing a heating programme adapted for your home. 

Is the Glow-worm Easicom3 Combi Any Good?

The Easicom3 Combi is without a doubt a top budget combi boiler. It is reliable, efficient, and will easily fit in homes with limited storage space. It has some brilliant features and is compatible with a wide range of accessories. It is hard to fault this powerful little combi boiler. 

Pros and Cons

Before making any final decisions and parting ways with any money, have a quick look at the pros and cons of the Easicom3 Combi below; 


The pros of the Easicom3 Combi; 

  • Compact size and operates extremely quietly; discreet in the home. 
  • ErP heating efficiency A-rating; cut down on your gas bill AND your carbon emissions. 
  • Compatible with smart heating controls, maximise your boiler’s efficiency. 
  • Automotive-grade aluminium heat exchanger; ensure’s high boiler performance and longevity. 
  • Combi boiler; instant hot water, and it doesn’t require bulky water storage tanks. 


The cons of the Easicom3 Combi;  

  • The 3-year guarantee, unless extended, is pretty short for a boiler warranty. 

Is Boiler Finance Available?

Yes, this boiler can be purchased easily on boiler finance. It is a straightforward process and boilers like this one usually come at very low interest rates. 

Do I Need Boiler Cover?

Yes, boiler cover is pretty much a necessity. It is unlikely that you will ever even need it, but in the case of an accident, boiler cover could save you a lot of money; boiler replacement costs can be very high.

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