Biasi Advance System

With Italian roots going back to 1938, Biasi prides itself on producing quality, reliable and affordable boilers. With a large selection of gas boilers and central heating radiators, towel rails and LST radiators, Biasi ticks all the boxes for home heating needs. 

With all of Biasi’s products going through rigorous testing during the production process, you can be sure you are making a long-lasting investment when choosing Biasi. The Biasi Advance System is a powerful yet compact boiler. It has some exceptional features making it a brilliant new boiler choice for homes with system boilers already in place. 

How Much Does The Advance System Cost?

The Advance System’s price will vary, depending on where you source your boiler and which kW output your home needs. The average cost ranges from £480 to £550 including VAT, making the Advance System one of the more affordable boilers on the market. 

This excludes the installation costs, which are usually a hefty addition. You can expect to pay up to the price of the boiler itself for the installation costs alone. 

Is This Boiler Suitable for My Home?

The Advance System is suitable for various homes as it has two kW outputs; 25kW and 30kW. The kW your home will need will vary on several factors. It is essential to get your home checked by a heating engineer so that they can survey your home’s hot water demands and recommend the right boiler and right kW output for your home. 

As a general rule, the 25kW is suitable for smaller homes with less hot water demands, while the 30kW is suitable for larger homes with higher hot water demands. The Advance System is excellent for homes with limited storage space, as the boiler itself is super compact, and it only requires an unvented storage cylinder. 

Replace Your Existing Boiler With Biasi’s Advance System

For homes with a hot water cylinder already in place, installing the Advance System should be an effortless task. It has most of its essential components built-in, which makes for an easy new boiler installation

The boiler itself is very compact and small, which means it can be installed almost anywhere in the home. It is also pretty light, at 34.5kg, making life easier for your installer. All of these factors make for a hassle-free installation of the Advance System, saving you time and money on installation.

Boiler Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is one of the most important aspects to consider when choosing a new boiler. A highly energy-efficient boiler can make a massive difference to your gas bill while also cutting down your carbon emissions. Replace your old boiler with an energy-efficient modern boiler, and thank yourself for years to come. 

The good news is that the Advance System is A-rated with a 92% SEBDUK energy-efficiency rating. This rating can even be enhanced by adding accessories. Adding a weather probe will adjust the temperature of the boiler according to the weather outside. This can help to save money by automatically not using the boiler when it is not needed. 

Advance System Controls & Features

The Advance System has a simple selection of controls, which makes it easy for anyone to use. It comes with uncomplicated up/down temperature buttons and an LCD display where the settings can be monitored. 

The Advance System also has a visible pressure gauge, which is a great bonus as the homeowner can easily keep an eye on the system pressure. Accessories can be added to increase the boiler’s functions, for example, the twin channel programmer. 

How Long Is The Warranty On This Boiler?

The Biasi Advance System comes with a decent 5-year warranty. Being a parts and labour warranty, it will cover not only the cost of equipment that needs to be replaced but also the labour costs of hiring an engineer to make repairs. 

It is a good idea to read the terms and conditions to ensure you benefit from the full warranty. The boiler needs to be serviced annually by a Gas Safe registered engineer for the warranty to remain valid. The warranty also needs to be registered within 30 days of installation.

The warranty can be increased to a 6-year warranty if the boiler is installed by one of Biasi’s ProFit registered installers. This is a great offer, however other companies such as Worchester-Bosch offer longer warranties of up to 10 years on similar boiler models. 

Advance System By Size & Price

This system boiler’s small price tag is matched by its small size. The Advance System’s size makes it a brilliant heating option for smaller homes with a lack of storage space. Its dimensions are; 700 mm (H) x 400 mm (W) x 290 mm (D), meaning it can be installed in tight storage spaces, even in a kitchen cupboard! 

Features & Benefits

Like all Biasi boilers, the Advance System has some fantastic technological features which make this boiler a brilliant option for homeowners looking for a reliable and safe home heating system. Read ahead for a brief look at some of the Advance System’s best features;

Built-in Weather CompensationCuts bills and increases comfort levels in the home. 
Built-in Frost Protection System Protects your boiler against freezing temperatures. 
Built-in Anti Seizure TechnologiesStops components from seizing during long periods of inactivity.
Internal heat exchanging coilPrevents the build-up of dirt and debris.

These highlights of the Advance System show that the boiler was designed with an emphasis on safety. The built-in frost protection system and the built-in anti-seizure system prevent simple problems from happening. This will save you time and money on maintenance costs. 

The internal heat exchanging coil is a brilliant way to efficiently heating water by allowing the water to flow freely. This prevents the build-up of dirt and debris, contributing to a longer life of the boiler and reducing maintenance costs. 

These features ensure the long life of the boiler and also guarantee safety in the home. These features also help to avoid unnecessary calls to your engineer and to cut down on maintenance bills. 

Smart Heating Controls

Smart heating controls have revolutionised the world of home heating. These controls allow the homeowner to control their boiler via a smart thermostat or their smartphone. This can help to increase the boiler’s efficiency, which will, in turn, reduce gas bills and carbon emissions. 

Biasi has the Biasi Stat, a hard-wired remote control that gives the homeowner complete control of the boiler. The Biasi Stat adds more functions and energy-saving options to the boiler and can even increase the boiler’s efficiency by up to 6%.

Does The Advance System Work With Google Nest?

Yes, the Advance System is compatible with smart heating controls, which means it can be used with Nest, the smart thermostat from Google. Nest can help the homeowner to create a heating schedule optimised for their home. 

Does The Advance System Work With Hive?

Yes, the Advance System can be used with Hive smart heating controls; this can help increase the boiler’s efficiency by creating a heating programme made specifically for your home. 

Does The Advance System Work With Tado?

Yes, Tado the smart thermostat can be used with the Advance System, giving the homeowner more control over their home heating system.

Is the Advance System Any Good?

The Advance System is a super affordable boiler, which is reliable, safe and can be used with smart heating controls. The boiler can be easily installed in homes with a hot water tank already in place. Keep reading for a quick summary of more of the pros and cons of the Advance System.

Pros and Cons

Here are some of the essential facts you need to know before deciding if the Advance System should be your next system boiler;


Pros of the Advance System;

  • Stainless steel heat exchanging coil; heats water without the build-up of dirt and debris, leading to a longer life of the boiler. 
  • Anti-seizure technologies; saves your boiler from breaking down after periods of inactivity. 
  • Frost protection system; ensures your boiler doesn’t freeze over in times when you most need it!
  • Compact size; can be installed almost anywhere in the home.


Despite all of these incredible advantages of the Advance System, it does have some disadvantages to be aware of;

  • 5-year warranty; this is a pretty short warranty, a 7 or 10 year warranty would be better. 

Is Boiler Finance Available?

Yes, it is effortless to get this boiler on boiler finance, and interest rates are very low!

Do I Need Boiler Cover?

Yep. Boiler cover is highly recommended, even though you may never need it. It’s better to be covered in the unlikely case of an accident, as boiler replacement costs can be very high.

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