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Canary Wharf Group has hired architects Herzog & de Meuron, Allies & Morrison, and Stanton Williams to design the first phase of new buildings at the Wood Wharf development, which is adjacent to Canary Wharf and one of Central London’s waterfront sites.

Herzog & de Meuron will design a new residential tower on the site’s most south westerly corner in collaboration with developer Canary Wharf Group and masterplanners Sir Terry Farrell and Partners. The proposed landmark tower will face the waters of South Dock on two sides and will be taller than its immediate neighbours, with views over a new waterside park on the south side of the site.

Within the 20-acre mixed-use site, Allies and Morrison will design two new office buildings. The office buildings and the proposed new high street, which will be located on either side of the site’s most westerly section, will form an important link with Canary Wharf to the west and will help to meet the demand of growing business sectors in London, such as IT services and new media. The design brief calls for retail spaces on the ground and first floors of each of the two buildings, in addition to new flexible and world-class office space. Canary Wharf’s new animated high street will serve as a new destination for retail, cultural, health, and community uses.

At the western end of Wood Wharf, Stanton Williams will design three new residential buildings centred on a communal courtyard, waterways, and green space. Views of the surrounding water, which is intended to be animated with events, retail, and leisure activity, will be included. The buildings will be built to the highest standards and will maximise sunlight penetration from the south. Pedestrian footpaths over the water will connect them to Canary Wharf and the Wood Wharf high street.

“We are very pleased to welcome Herzog & de Meuron, Allies & Morrison, and Stanton Williams to the Wood Wharf design team, which now comprises some of the best architectural talent in the world,” said Robert Maguire, project director for Wood Wharf at Canary Wharf Group.

“This is one of the most exciting waterfront developments in London.” It will be an evolution of Canary Wharf, helping to meet the needs of London’s growing business sectors, particularly technology and new media firms, and will be a significant step forward for East London’s regeneration.”

Canary Wharf Group intends to build the two office buildings designed by Allies and Morrison, as well as the residential towers designed by Herzog & De Meuron and Stanton Williams, in the first phase of development, with construction beginning in 2014.

The first buildings are expected to open at Wood Wharf in 2017, ahead of the start of Crossrail trains running through Canary Wharf in 2018. All of the concept design proposals that are currently being developed are subject to a thorough public consultation process that began in September 2012 and will last until the spring of 2013.

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Canary Wharf Group purchased the full development rights to the Wood Wharf site from previous joint venture partners Canal and River Trust (previously British Waterways) and Ballymore in January 2012. The Group hired Sir Terry Farrell and Partners in June to create a new masterplan, and Peter Walker and Partners Landscape Architecture was hired in September to design the site’s landscape. As the masterplan’s design development progresses, additional architects will be appointed for individual buildings.

The 20-acre site already has outline planning permission for 4.7 million square feet of mixed-use office, retail, and residential space, which is roughly one-third the size of the existing Canary Wharf estate. The new masterplan consultation process began in autumn 2012, with an application for a new outline planning permission expected to be submitted in spring 2013. The scheme is expected to be developed in phases over 10-12 years, with the first phase beginning in 2014.

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