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Due to the ever-changing nature of the construction industry, we have had to retire some of our older articles to keep the site relevant and up-to date. We continue to strive to present only the best and most insightful articles that continue to be important to our audience. In light of this commitment, the article that you are looking for may no longer be available. 

However, we’d like to invite you to read some of our better articles below.

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What is Boiler Interlock?

A boiler interlock is a safety measure in a boiler or a heating system to help prevent it from running around all the time and consuming extra energy. It essentially will make sure the protection and security of the boiler’s


What Should Boiler Pressure Be When Heating Is On?

The pressure is one factor that determines how safely and effectively a boiler is working. Therefore, you need to have an understanding of how boiler pressure is perfect. If the boiler pressure keeps dropping or increasing, or if you have

How To Reset A Boiler (Even After A Powercut)

A boiler that does not turn on is not the ideal unit for your house as it could cause severe damage to your pipes. However, some of the modern boilers lockouts as soon as it is at risk of damage. 


What Is Boiler Frost Heating Protection & How Does It Work

The water in your boiler needs protection from freezing to avoid damage. If not protected, the water will freeze inside the boiler, and it will stop working.  Modern boilers come with frost protection feature to prevent such damage. This feature


What Is A Wall Heating System & Is It Efficient?

The convenience of easy space and area heating is undeniable, but heating systems may be quite a hassle. Installation can be difficult, and they take up a lot of area and space. Many room temperature heaters are a source of


Back Boiler Replacement – The Complete Guide

Back boilers have made their mark, but gone is their time of being in the spotlight. Not only are they sparsely energy efficient heating systems, but they also invite threats rising from their old age. It may not be surprising,


Condemned Boiler? Here’s What To Do

Are you wondering what exactly is a condemned boiler? How do you know if your boiler is in that state and what to do about it? Well, don’t think too much! Keep reading and you’ll find all your answers below!


Immersion Heaters: Advantages, Disadvantages & Costs

Homeowners have many options when it comes to heating water on their property. One such reliable method is an immersion heater which of course, employs electricity to provide hot water. While these were wildly popular in yesteryear, combi boilers or

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