About Us

BuilderandEngineer.co.uk is an online service to educate homeowners about the economic savings and benefits to the environment that can be made by improving a house’s energy efficiency.

Most people are aware that they can save money by upgrading their home’s insulation or investing in double glazing, but are slow to make a decision about it due to a lack of clear information about the savings. This site aims to solve that problem.

We also provide consumers with free quotes for a range of different green products from multiple providers. When you request quotes through Builderandengineer.co.uk there are no obligations and no fees.

Our Mission

Switching to a greener, more sustainable lifestyle should not be fraught with confusion. It should be a simple process where the costs and benefits are predictable and the technology isn’t shrouded in mystery. We believe that by simplifying the process and presenting all the relevant data in one place, we can help home owners make the best choice.

We aim to provide clear, sourced and unbiased information about renewable energy and recycling that will be a benefit to the individual and communities. We are very happy to take feedback from readers and are actively looking for case studies to publish.

We work closely with our local partners to connect them with interested home owners and are always looking for accredited new partners with a track record.

Our Vision

With the increasingly extreme weather conditions that the UK and the Globe is experiencing, we want to become the UK’s number 1 trusted reference for anyone looking to save money and do their bit for the environment.

Last Updated on October 28, 2021

David Thompson

Author: David Thompson

Dave has been involved in the UK building sector for over 3 decades and has developed a particular interest in energy efficiency in the home.

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