For those who aspire to maximum freedom, compositional and constructive (and have the patience and creativity required) the winning investment is starting from scratch and building your own home by choosing the place, the technology, the materials and the style. The expenses to be faced are of various types and is a bit ‘more complicated, compared to a restructuring, predict them all. For those wishing to face the adventure of a new construction it is useful to try to calculate them together.

Consider, for example, a detached house with a garden , on the first outskirts of a medium-sized town, with a gross floor space of 100 square meters, suitable for a couple with two children. The main costs to be faced are: the purchase of land, the cost of construction including the builder’s income, charges and contributions to be paid to the municipality, technical costs, any interest payable for the loan.

The purchase of the land,  first of all, if you do not already have a suitable area, buy a building land that allows the construction of the volume necessary for family needs. The cost varies greatly depending on the municipality, the position with respect to the center, the proximity to services and connections, the availability of similar areas in the area and the panoramic view of the site. Usually it affects about 20-30% of the finished value of the house and in our case, considering the real estate prices OMI, is estimated in: North – 600 € / m² Center – 650 € / m² South – 480 € / m²

Construction work The cost for the construction of the villa depends in particular on the chosen construction technology, on the accessibility to the building site, on the quality of the finishes, on the number and type of technological systems to be installed, on the profit that the company wants to derive. Considering a standard quality for the example house we can assume the following values: North – € 1,200 / m² Center – € 1,300 / m² South – € 950 / m²

Contributions for the Municipality For the release of the Building Permit each Municipality requires payment of the Urbanization Charges and a Construction Contribution; these amounts vary from municipality to municipality and you can check them on the site of the institution. Indicatively we can consider for our count: North, Center, South – € 140 / m² Technical costs After purchasing the land must also instruct a qualified technician of the drafting of the project to be submitted to the Municipality and the Civil Engineers to obtain the necessary Construction Permit. The average cost of a project varies between 8% and 12% of the cost of the works and has a greater impact, due to fixed costs, on smaller buildings. For our example we take for simplicity 10% obtaining: North – 120 € / m² Center – 130 € / m² South – 95 € / m²

5. Passive interests Finally, if to build your house you have to turn on a ten-year silent, it is good to consider also the expenses for the passive interests that weigh on the value of the finished house for about 2-4%. We therefore consider the following values: North – 60 € / m² Center – 70 € / m² South – 50 € / m²