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We have been following the needs of our customers for over 50 years, offering highly qualified services in the construction , renovation , redevelopment and sale of properties .
We support the client in the realization of their own home by offering a high consultancy service, in collaboration with the professionals of the sector, for the research and choice of the best materials and technologically advanced construction solutions that allow to maintain a constant value over time.

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Thanks to the many years of experience in the building sector, we offer specific renovation and other accessory services to be able to continuously follow the needs of our customers. Reliability and seriousness in the years of work, also allows us to make use of the collaboration of professionals to support us in advising any other specific requests.

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Versolatto srl designing, building and directly selling residential buildings with the “turnkey” formula, offers homes with accurate and customizable finishes and a green space of exclusive property suitable for the life of families even with animals.

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Budget Kitchen Renovation Ideas for Everyone

kitchen renovation

Not everything you want to have costs a lot of money and empties your pockets. Every time you look at your house, we are sure that you want to change one corner, or one room or even just a piece of furniture to add more depth to your interior style. It is extremely important to understand that there will not always be a lot of money available to spend at your expense.

Does not matter whether you have a lot of money or not, there are certain home improvements you can do when on a budget. You can simply save a lot of money by being smart and taking care of your things and planning your home improvement properly. Here are a few ways you can refurbish your kitchen properly one more time without having to spend all your savings:

1. Start with Little Things

It is not important to get your kitchen makeovers Adelaide done entirely. You can simply start with changing the little things in the kitchen and hoping to make an impact. For example, you can simply start off with changing one wall of the kitchen. The main wall behind the oven can be changed in color and can be changed for good. You will notice how different it starts looking once you add a new color or texture to the wall.

2. Get Fridge Magnets

One of the very conventional and easy on the pocket methods to change how your kitchen looks, you can always try getting quirky and different kitchen magnets that grasp attention. Instead of getting the vegetables and fruits magnets, you can always get magnets of souvenirs from different regions. You will have the chance of changing and adding a little bit of color to your overall kitchen with this simple way.

3. Add Rugs


The places where you stand the most, you can add fluffy rugs on them. For instance, think about the places where you spend most time in in the kitchen. It must be either the sink or the cooking range. When you add colorful rugs on these places, not only will your shoes remain dry and not make you slip, but you will also notice addition of color and ease in your kitchen. This is a great way to renovate your kitchen without having to spend too much money.

4. Add Lights

It is always a good idea to add more and stylish lights in the kitchen. This happens to be one of the cheapest ways of redecorating your kitchen without spending too much money. You can simply add  ceiling lights or hanging lamps to make sure you have sufficient light that adds color and depth in your kitchen without spending too much money.

How much does Costa Build a House in Italy: Step by Step Guide to Your Independence

Choose the layout and size of each room, the material with which to build it, the presence or absence of a garden, a box, its shape and height: practically living in a place made with your mind and partly with your own hands.

But how easy or complex is all this? And above all how much would it cost? Is it an idea that is too bizarre and tiring to implement?

Today’s article has a purpose: to answer all these questions and then provide a lot of information to those who are thinking about starting the project: how much does it cost to build a house in Italy ?

Should you buy or build your own home from scratch ? Do you save money if you decide to do it yourself?

A fundamental choice towards independence

This guide has been written drawing on the precious information of the post to stop working , which deals with the same topic: the writer shares many thoughts of Francesco Narmenni and the reading of his blog has represented and is a source of inspiration for a different life, less attached to money 

If you do not know, I invite you to visit it because it represents in my opinion one of the best spaces of the Italian blogosphere .

Now we come to us and try to understand why building a house can represent an important step towards its own economic independence.

Who wants to be free really must free as soon as possible from rents and mortgages :there are fewer monthly expenses and it is easier to govern their lives, perhaps reducing their needs from money and the need, therefore, to earn a lot.

In the following paragraphs, in particular, we will highlight the economic differences between building a house and buying a house .

It is known that by building a house independently, the person is free to make choices that can positively influence his future, for example by choosing products that allow maximum energy savings , or by installing autonomous systems for the production of electricity or water. hot .

Surely these interventions have a greater cost at the time of installation but then their convenience is felt in the long term.

How to build a house: the decisions to be made

So let’s start with all the steps to follow to build a house from scratch and its costs .

First of all there is a choice to make: ask for a “turnkey” quote , or where the chosen company builds the house according to your indications; or choose every single professional and direct the work yourself , maybe even becoming a laborer.

The first option is the one that is actually more convenient, especially for those not employed in the sector, but it is also the most expensive and least controllable, since it is a fact that you can not have full control over the materials used and the professionals involved.

To get quotes, you could use the  convenient service  provided by the blog: just fill it out with some data concerning your project and you will be contacted by the local companies with accurate forecasts.

Request for Free 3 Estimates

The second way is, on the contrary, more tiring but also the safest if you have some knowledge and skills in the construction industry.

It is also an option that causes a greater loss of time , above all because of the fact that you have to choose every single participant in the work.

Another factor influencing the choice is therefore time: how long do you want to have your apartment ready?

Once you find the answers to these questions the project can really start.

In the following paragraph we will talk about the second option, since the first, the so-called “turnkey”, you do not have much to report, except that the company is chosen to take care of everything and you have to compare the various quotes that will be delivered 

How much does it cost to build a house from scratch

For those who aspire to maximum freedom, compositional and constructive (and have the patience and creativity required) the winning investment is starting from scratch and building your own home by choosing the place, the technology, the materials and the style. The expenses to be faced are of various types and is a bit ‘more complicated, compared to a restructuring, predict them all. For those wishing to face the adventure of a new construction it is useful to try to calculate them together.

Consider, for example, a detached house with a garden , on the first outskirts of a medium-sized town, with a gross floor space of 100 square meters, suitable for a couple with two children. The main costs to be faced are: the purchase of land, the cost of construction including the builder’s income, charges and contributions to be paid to the municipality, technical costs, any interest payable for the loan.

The purchase of the land,  first of all, if you do not already have a suitable area, buy a building land that allows the construction of the volume necessary for family needs. The cost varies greatly depending on the municipality, the position with respect to the center, the proximity to services and connections, the availability of similar areas in the area and the panoramic view of the site. Usually it affects about 20-30% of the finished value of the house and in our case, considering the real estate prices OMI, is estimated in: North – 600 € / m² Center – 650 € / m² South – 480 € / m²

Construction work The cost for the construction of the villa depends in particular on the chosen construction technology, on the accessibility to the building site, on the quality of the finishes, on the number and type of technological systems to be installed, on the profit that the company wants to derive. Considering a standard quality for the example house we can assume the following values: North – € 1,200 / m² Center – € 1,300 / m² South – € 950 / m²

Contributions for the Municipality For the release of the Building Permit each Municipality requires payment of the Urbanization Charges and a Construction Contribution; these amounts vary from municipality to municipality and you can check them on the site of the institution. Indicatively we can consider for our count: North, Center, South – € 140 / m² Technical costs After purchasing the land must also instruct a qualified technician of the drafting of the project to be submitted to the Municipality and the Civil Engineers to obtain the necessary Construction Permit. The average cost of a project varies between 8% and 12% of the cost of the works and has a greater impact, due to fixed costs, on smaller buildings. For our example we take for simplicity 10% obtaining: North – 120 € / m² Center – 130 € / m² South – 95 € / m²

5. Passive interests Finally, if to build your house you have to turn on a ten-year silent, it is good to consider also the expenses for the passive interests that weigh on the value of the finished house for about 2-4%. We therefore consider the following values: North – 60 € / m² Center – 70 € / m² South – 50 € / m²

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